Can’t I Just Have A Burger?

So apparently, over the winter, my house was broken into.

Nothing was stolen, but the culprit did something even more heinous.  They got into my closet and shrunk all of my clothes.  All of my capris and t-shirts to be more specific.  Can you believe the nerve of some people?!

Since I do not have the funds to completely re-purchase all of my clothing, I decided to do the only other thing I could think of: Pray.

Well, that plus diet & exercise.

It hasn’t been easy, folks.  In fact, some days are down-right hard.  I even find myself saying some of the same things over and over again on this journey to reclaim my clothing.  And I figured that misery loves company so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite excuses.

1. It’s not my fault it’s so delicious.

2. But I need a fruit punch.

3. Oh yay.  Salad.

4. Didn’t God tell Peter that all food was clean?

5. I’m too tired to be active.

6. I’m pretty sure that I deserve that roll.  Maybe even two.

7. No, I need food.

8. It’s too cold to be outside.  Too wet?  Too windy?  What can I come up with that keeps me from going outside?

9. Nope.  I’m going to eat all of this.

10. Oh look.  More salad.

11. No more processed food!  Well, maybe just this one…

12. Look.  The more I walk, the more my leg hurts.  I think God’s trying to tell me to cool it with the walking.

13. That is rabbit food!  I’m a person!

14. We should probably go ahead and eat up all the rest of this bad stuff, and then I just won’t buy anymore.

15. It might be easier to go ahead and buy more clothes at this point.

16. Coffee doesn’t count.  Does it?!

And since none of those are working, I guess I’ll keep on praying.  Maybe I’ll even keep on dieting and exercising too, but that’s a BIG maybe…