Lies I Told Myself Over Spring Break

I really love Spring Break, don’t you??

Now that it’s over and life has gotten back into the normal routine, I decided to reflect over this Spring Break just to see how productive it was.  I mean, that’s what it’s for, right?  Being Productive?

All year long I feel burdened down with stuff to do, so I look forward to breaks like these to give me a change to get caught up on things that need my attention, but don’t always get it.  So I wanted to see how well I’d done this time around.

Turns out, not so good.  In fact, I was a Big Fat Liar.  I lied to myself ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Here are my biggest lies:

I will not waste this Spring Break.

And a big one at that.  It was the beginning of all lies.


We will have plenty of time to work on the yard.

We usually host Easter at our house.  We also usually don’t do a lot of yard work until Easter rolls around.  I just knew that I would get so much work done outside to get ready for Easter.

We had plenty of time, I just didn’t do anything.  And so now we are scrambling to get it all done.  Like usual.


I will schedule all of my posts and blogs for the next few weeks.

I won’t actually tell you how far behind I am on this.  Let’s just say, I’m trusting in the Lord’s provision.


I can spend so much time with the girls!

Not so much.  They were gone nearly everyday with friends or family.  Which I totally love!!  We are SO BLESSED to have such loving and kind family that comes to dote on my girls, but I don’t think I even saw them for a full 24 hours the entire Spring Break.


I’m going to go for a walk everyday!

I don’t think I’ve been on a walk since before Spring Break even began, much less everyday.  Who did I think I was kidding???


I will finish creating my latest journal and get it sent in for review.

That surely didn’t happen.  It still hasn’t happened.  But I am getting closer.  So, So close…


We can take the girls to a family movie.

As I said, we barely even saw those little stinkers!  I really did want to take them to see a family movie, we just never had the opportunity!  Does that count as a lie??




I can finally get caught up on all of the housework.

And I didn’t do a single one of them.  No Dusting.  No Mopping.  No Marathon of Laundry.  NO NOTHING.

Y’all, I really did have good intentions.  I wanted to get all of those things done, but when the temptation to sleep in, sit and relax, stay up late, and binge watch my favorite show comes around, it looks like I’m just too weak to stand up to it.

I’m hoping for better results come summer…