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Welcome to JDM!

We are parents trying to raise our children to know and love Jesus in this crazy and chaotic world.

To help do this, we developed our Prayer Journals for children through teenagers. Jody has also had articles published in Christian publications dedicated to teaching children about God and bringing Him glory.

But we know that we parents and adults are called to be disciples, too. That's why we also have prayer journals for men and women.

In addition to that, we are currently developing study materials and conference topics to share. Be on the lookout for more of those in the future.

Our goals are many, but to make it overly simplified: Bring glory to God; Disciple the Youth; Equip the People; Restore the Family; Do Home Well.


Bike Wreck to Best Friends

Prayer Journals

Check out our collection of Prayer Journals for the child or loved one in your life.  Journals range from young children (3yr) to adults.

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Speaking Engagements

Using Prayer Journals in your organization?  I'd love to come talk to your group!

Retreat, Conference, or Ladies Ministry need a Guest Speaker?  I'm booking today!

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