25 Days of Advent

Let’s be honest, we have plenty of stuff, what we need is more Jesus.

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year!

But I think that all too often, we make it more about presents and getting what we want than celebrating it’s true purpose: Christ.

Each year our family tries to focus more on Christ than on stuff. Let’s be honest, we have plenty of stuff, what we need is more Jesus. Part of that process is to delve a little deeper into Advent. Last year, I put out 24 daily verses on Facebook that parents could share with their children. They were the same exact verses we recite in our home, and that worked well enough. But this year, I decided to put all of those verses on one page and to go one step further. We now have 25 daily verses because shouldn’t you have one on Christmas day too??

These verses are broken into the various categories surrounding Jesus: the Purpose and Glory of Christ, Prophecy of the Coming Christ, Birth of Christ, Journeys After the Birth of Christ, and we wrap it up with another dose of the Purpose and Glory of Christ. I would not begin to claim that I have an exhaustive list of verses that someone could use, but I feel as though these give us a great overview of the entire story.

I’d be honored if you’d take this simple sheet, post it in your home, and read over these with your family each day starting December 1st.

The blessing you see as they connect the Old Testament with the New Testament is absolutely precious.

Merry Christmas!

25 Days of Advent

TidBits & Pieces – Why Do I Need A Savior?

As someone who loves to read, I’ve come across some pieces of writing in the past that have really stuck with me.  Rarely will an entire book stick with anyone.  It’s usually a little nugget of truth here or a new spin on a thought there.  Sometimes, it’s just a great illustration that catches my attention.  I’d like to share with you some of those TidBits & Pieces that I’ve collected along the way in hopes that they may be of use to you too.

One of those TidBits came from a relatively small book that I came across on day in Mardel.  (Don’t you just love Mardel?)  Anyway, it’s called Dinner With A Perfect Stranger by David Gregory.  The idea behind it is a man, a non-believer, that receives an invitation to dinner from “Jesus.”  At the dinner, Jesus speaks openly about Himself with the man and allows him to ask questions.

Not everything in the book shares my outlook on the faith, namely the section where they discuss Creation, but there was one illustration used that caught my interest.  As the two are talking, the need for salvation comes up, obviously.  At this point the man gives a pretty common response.  Basically, he says, “I’m not evil.  I’m a good person.  Why do I need salvation?”  Have you ever gotten that response??

That’s when “Jesus” takes out a playing card and draws a line down it vertically.  He makes a mark halfway down.  He asks the man to name the most holy person he knows of: Mother Teresa.  She goes at the top of the card.  Then he has to name the most evil person he knows of: Hitler.  He goes at the bottom.  Now he must mark where he thinks he should go.  Tough choice, right?  How holy do you think you are??

That’s when “Jesus” explains that the card is not God’s view of holiness and perfection.  It’s more like putting that card up against the Empire State Building and “Perfect” is at the very top.  No one (else) is ever going to reach the perfect holiness that it would take to not need salvation.

Can you see why that would stick with me?  I love a good illustration and I think that one does a great job of opening the discussion to sin, how easy it is to sin, how destructive sin is to your relationship with the Father, and why we all need a Savior, Jesus Christ.

This book actually has two more in the series: Day With A Perfect Stranger and Night With A Perfect Stranger.  Again, not everything lines up with the way I see things, but they are quick easy reads with some pretty handy illustrations.